Project Description


Edradour is one of the smallest traditional distilleries in Scotland. Dating back to 1825, Edradour stands alone as the last stronghold of handmade single malt whisky from a farm distillery still in production today.

Master of the Quaich Andrew Symington has expertly used the spirit from Edradour’s small stills, matured in a diverse range of oak casks, to create a captivating selection of unique Highland single malts.


In January 2018 Edradour enjoyed an exciting expansion into a new distillery – Edradour II – entirely dedicated to producing Edradour Unpeated. The distillery will keep improving its quality through the distillation and maturation process, while increasing its production and stock capacity.

Andrew Symington also called on the services of Iain Henderson, the former director of Laphroaig, to create a second, heavily peated malt. Given the name of Ballechin, this impressive single malt is created using malted barley at 50ppm phenols, making it comparable to the smokiest malts produced on Islay.