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A shared belief in the sampling, selection and bottling philosophy of the industry’s most celebrated names makes the world of whisky a small one indeed. Navigate World Whisky – founded by Alex de Ujfalussy – makes the world smaller still by bringing the exceptional casks of these trailblazers to the doorstep of South African consumers.

We bring the greatness of these distilleries to select local shelves, e-commerce platforms and countrywide tasting rooms, and we do so with passion. Our hope is to inspire invigorating conversations in the communities that share our love of the very best.

Dominic Scott

Navigate World Whisky (NWW) aligns its vision with those who repeatedly focus on cask quality and demonstrate a desire to bottle only exceptional expressions each and every time. We select only excellent casks for our own bottlings. This is a defining factor of an approach that echoes the incomparable quality and consistency in selections of those bottlers who get it right. In so doing, we remain at the forefront of what is new and unique in the world of fine spirits. We believe the art of whisky and other fine selections lies in the human factor: sensory experiences, conversation, community and the skills that make it all possible.


Our core offering is made up of only those expressions we are passionate about, bringing the apogee of those distilleries to South African enthusiasts. In the spirit of being innovative, daring and curious, we constantly look to the future in search of excellence. With so much still to explore, we continually aim to predict the unpredictable and strive to anticipate what is coming next.


That the palate of passionate whisky collector Alex de Ujfalussy would encounter the rare expressions sampled and exclusively selected by specialists in the world of French whisky, La Maison Du Whisky, was no coincidence, but an inevitable connecting point.

Navigate World Whisky’s association with LMDW goes beyond mere logistics: it extends to seeking out exceptional casks, discovering the very best from hundreds of samples, and joining these pioneers in creating a platform to showcase the latest trends in whisky, rum and other fine spirits. In fact, by exploring every aspect of the world of fine spirits, we are able to expand our expertise to single malt distilleries – such as Waterford, with its pioneering quest to produce the world’s most ‘profound’ terroir-driven single malts – and navigate to new and unique single cask selections for local ageing and our very own exclusive NWW bottlings.

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